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Capture, categorize and export your documents

Modern approach
GPCSAN Modern Capture Solution is yet another product that was developed from vast experience. We have focused on delivering product that can match top products in this IT field but can simplify user experience at the same time and reduce costs.

We also included some nice features that extends this product value such as "Smart Compression" that can significantly reduce exported file size and "Real time Processing" that allows user to work with documents while recognition is still in progress. This helps reducing time spend on document processing and boosting the production.

Scanning Module
You can scan documents using scanner or by importing files from your local disk or network share. Scanning is easy by using predefined profiles where you can set color mode (color, grayscale, black and white), resolution (70-600 DPI), page orientation, source,...

Scanned documents can be automaticlly separated and categorized based on several different options including auto recognition, barcode, blank pages,... User is also allowed to define documents, pages and types manually.

We also provide sophisticated document viewer that allows you to zoom, rotate, move and make an OCR over selection.

Indexation Module
Most of the customers are using automatic indexation where GPSCAN extracts values using OCR technology. Our product is also capable to connect to external data source such as DMS, CRM or SQL database where can read data and preform additional indexation.

User can also index document manually or can use OCR selection over existing document using our document preview control.

Release Module
Once documents are validated then they can be exported using several different options that are fully customizable. For instance you can export to File System, SharePoint, GPDOC, GPBPM, XML, database,... We also support custom export modules that can be developed by the customer. This basiclly removes any limitations where documents can be released.

Currently supported document export formats are PDF, TIFF, JPEG. Using our "Smart Compession" technology you can control the quality and compression level of exported files. For instance, if you took A4 300 DPI color scan we can produce 100-300 Kb large PDF file (depending on its content) with still quite good visible quality. Similar sized document on most other average providers will give you 800-1000 Kb size.

System Requirements
System is designed on high standards of programming, graphic, architectural design and is optimized for fast response even when working with a large number of scanned documents.

- Processor 2.3 GHz (x64)
- Free disk space 5 Gb
- 2 Gb RAM

- Windows (7, 8, 8.1, 10)
- SQL Server (2014-2016)
  *Express is also supported
- Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5