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Informations published in this site are limited to only basic understanding what this product is about. Our products are interconnectable so they can form larger integrated solution. We would be glad if you are interested in details so please feel free to create request for Live presentation where we can present you all the cool features and other benifits.

Purpose and Benefits
System represents one of the basic building blocks for quality digitalization of business processes. Operation of each company consists of different business processes. GPBPM is a high-performance BPM/WorkFlow platform for centralized management of business processes where participants are users or back-end systems.

It allows for greater transparency, matters are not lost, the current status with the owners is always known. More importantly, it allows for any automation in this case, shortens the time spent and can completely eliminate errors in the process.

Every step in the process is carried out in transactions which ensures that no information, document or matter can be lost any more similar like bank transactions are handled.
Process Types
The design of the system is such that it enables the digitization of any business process you can imagine and at the same time controlled communication with back-end systems.

Here are some examples of the different types of business processes that our customers use: Approval of the invoice, Issuance of the invoice, Preparation of the offer, Order of materials and services, Management of documentation, Vacation request, Incoming mail, Complaints, Corrective measures, Amendment, Customer support, Active debugging on the subsystem, Supply control, Maintenance, Project management, Data synchronization, Activity logging, Editing code lists, Work order, Saving document to customer, Automated business reports, ...
Process Optimization
Business processes are planned using GPBPM Process Designer where you define complete process scheme and determines all steps, paths, rules, conditions, forms, recipients, way of working with documents, back-end integrations, ...

Processes can also be grouped into complex branches that communicate with each other. The system automatically records the time spent on individual tasks or process steps, this is providing all the analytical data for improvements.

All business processes have an audit trail and are versioned, which allows a high degree of scalability and easy development of new versions of processes. You can do the optimization yourself or if you want we can do it for you.
User Friendly
Working with the BPM system has never been so easy. No additional installation is required for classic users. All they need is one of the newer web browsers like Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, FireFox, Safari, ...

Access to the system is possible via mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer. When the user receives a new process instance, the system can automatically notify him by email or phone.

For working with documents, we also offer integration with Microsoft Office tools Excel, Word, Outlook, Access, PowerPoint and Visio, which means that we can start a new process or change the process document via the Office tool. Automatic start of the process is also possible on the basis of scanned or electronic documents.
Technical Specification
All components are based on the Microsoft .NET Framework technology. The system has SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), which is accessible through WCF services. Microsoft Active Directory and Workgroup integration. This allows our customers to integrate securely and easily into our system.

- 2.3 GHz (x64) processor
- 10 GB disk space
- Working memory 4 Gb

- Windows Server (2008-2022)
- SQL Server (2014-2022)
- Internet Information Services
- Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5