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Purpose and Benefits
A modern document system with built-in GPDOC Streaming Server technology offers many benefits to users as well as back-end systems that need to access and store documents.

Above all it reduces the time spent searching for a document or their versions and thus saves costs, each access is controlled, the entire audit trail is visible, it allows automatic notification of new documents and their changes, ...

With this system, you can ensure that users always access only the latest version of a document, thus avoiding potential errors that result from using invalid documents.

The system meets the most demanding standards for a modern and secure documentation system.
Easy Usage
Working with documents is very user-friendly as you can use the drag-drop function to transfer the entire structure of folders and documents to the document system in one go via Windows Explorer. You can also transfer the structure from the system to your local disk in one go.

You can categorize and index the documents according to the configuration, which means that there is no limit to which types of documents you can save (invoices issued, invoices received, delivery notes, purchase orders, contracts, ...).

You can equip each item with notes, links (such as a purchase order and invoice), you can start a business process over a document, and you can share the items with external users according to rights.
Fast Search
The system enables the search of folders and documents by basic metadata and categorized metadata, as well as by the content of the document itself. We currently support more than 120 different types of documents by which you can search for content.

You can set any number of views and rights for each document category, which means you can restrict who can search by which categories and which metadata.

The system is optimized for extremely fast searching even for large amounts of data and documents. Our customers also store and transfer 8Gb files.

If the user does not have rights over the element, it will not be visible in any search.
Advanced Security
You can specify access rights to folders or documents using the Access Control List (ACL), where you can also specify an explicit denial of access for a specific user or group.

It is also possible to restrict access to the versions themselves, which means that certain users can always access only the latest version.

Any access to the document is also recorded in cases where the user has only read the meta data of the document without downloading it.

The system enables encryption of files and thus ensures maximum security even in the event that an unauthorized person physically accesses the disk that stores data. The data on such a disk is completely useless for that person.
Content Sharing
GPDOC Share Portal is a great solution when you want to share your folders and files with external users, such as business partners or external contractors on the project. Access to shared content is securely controlled by an audit trail and, depending on the rights, also allows an external user to upload new content.

An external user can log in to the portal online with a secure connection, username and password. All you need is a mobile phone, tablet or PC.

If for example you share project documentation the external user is immediately informed about the creation of a new document or its version without the need for the author of the document to do anything extra.
Knowledge Base
The solution provides central online editing and access to the structure of various articles that help users answer frequently asked questions or provides access to various instructions or recommendations.

Searching the knowledge base is very user-friendly as in addition to searching the content itself, it also allows you to preview the content of articles within the search results. You can also search by the importance of the article, which is assessed by users and the number of visits to articles.

Access to knowledge base content can also be restricted by the rights of users or groups, allowing articles with relevant content to be published.
With the GPDOC Snapshot technology we have developed you can version complete documentation structure on a click. Which means you take a snapshot of the structure and versions of documents at a given time.

For example, this functionality is used to version product or project documentation or for example source code of the projects.

The additional tools we offer allow you to map such documentation offline to a personal computer or laptop, edit it offline and synchronize when you get an online connection to the GPDOC server.

The synchronization process is very user-friendly as it also warns of possible conflicts in the version and enables merge option.
An extremely powerful business process management solution allows you to run any business process registered for this type of document based on the document.

At the same time it also enables an overview of which business processes a certain document was in, when, with whom, for how long, what action the user requested, what is the current status, ... In fact, a complete process audit trail is available together.

The system also allows you to subscribe to changes to documents, which means that target users are immediately notified in the event of any change.
Technical Specification
All components are based on the Microsoft .NET Framework technology. The system has SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), which is accessible through WCF services. Microsoft Active Directory and Workgroup integration. This allows our customers to integrate securely and easily into our system.

- 2.3 GHz (x64) processor
- 100 GB disk space
- Working memory 8 Gb

- Windows Server (2008-2022)
- SQL Server (2014-2022)
- Internet Information Services
- Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5