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Document Capture
The system allows you to capture multiple physical documents at once via a scanner or import files via the file system. Documents are automatically separated in several possible ways, such as by reading a barcode (we support 19 standard barcode types), a separation page, a fixed number of pages, or manually. Separation means where a document that can have one or more pages starts and ends.

You can specify any type of document you want to capture, such as received mail, received invoice, delivery notes, checklists, ... The software solution communicates directly with your scanning device so there is no need for separate scanning and importing.
Smart Recognition
You can separate each document type into subtypes that the program will automatically recognize the next time you capture it. In the case of an invoice received this would be a specific supplier.

GPSCAN contains powerful smart algorithms that you can use when defining a new subtype. For identification, a unique part of the document is usually used where, for example, the supplier's name, address or tax number is read, ... Once the subtype is successfully recognized the program can automatically read other meta data of the document using OCR technology.

The program also supports the detection and reading of metadata from different language variants.
Advanced Indexation
The meta data of the document that has been read using OCR technology is cleverly processed by the system in an attempt to remove logical errors. However, the operator can always manually review, verify, correct or change the location from which individual data is read.

Manual indexing is also possible by linking to different data sources, which fill other connected fields based on the choice of one field. For example, we can link data and CRM or ERP code lists.

Indexing also offers an auto zoom option, which means that when viewing an individual field, it automatically zooms to the part of the document where this field was read, thus enabling faster and easier control.
Export Module
There are several ways to export indexed and validated documents. The export can go to the file system, directly to the archive system, to the client in the CRM system or the business process can be started automatically. We also offer custom export modules that expand export options.

Currently supported export formats for documents are PDF, TIFF, JPEG. Using our 'Smart Compession' technology, you can adjust the quality and compression of export files yourself. For example, if we compare A4 300 DPI color scan we are able to make a 100-300 Kb large PDF file (depending on the content) which still has good visible quality.
Technical Specification
System is designed on high standards of programming, graphic, architectural design and is optimized for fast response even when working with a large number of scanned documents.

- 2.3 GHz (x64) processor
- 5 GB disk space
- Working memory 4 Gb

- Windows 7, 8, 10
- SQL Server (2014-2022)
- Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5