Some of our reference Customers
"We started project of handling incoming invoices in digital way with Gregor Primar s.p. company in year 2014. The GPWF system is partially integrated with our IS (ERP system) and it's really easy to use. It's totally adjusted to our needs and ready to cover any addition requests in the future. Since we are using this system we have achieved greater business process transparency and shorter response times from involved users. Users can now interact with the processes even from remote locations (field operations) which was prior not possible. Another good thing is providers responsiveness, fast and excellent."

Darja Popovič
(Purchase department)
MSC. Alenka Cokan
(Head of Quality Control, IT and personnel)
"For the purpose of digitalization the company has successfully implemented systems for working with customers GPCRM, working with business processes GPBPM and the GPDOC document system. With digitalization we have gained on the transparency of process management with Unichem customers and Gaia Club end consumers, where we have access to all relative data in one place. We have set up some processes that enable planning and monitoring of implemented actions and a dashboard for monitoring performance and analytics in a particular field. All documents in solution are stored in document management system. Implementation supports data sharing between products and offers user more friendly digitization level."

Desanka Samarin
Procurator of Unichem
"In 2019 OLMA d.o.o. has successfully introduced the GPWF system and upgraded digitalization of our business processes. We have covered one of the key processes which is the delivery of the AdBlue product within Europe. We are now 100% electronically in control of everything from planning, scheduling drivers, product outflows and inflows. All documents related to the process have become digitized. The system is easy to use and transparent as it allows us to see the real state of orders at any time. It is also integrated with our back-end ERP system which enables the maximum level of automation. The provider also quickly covered all the subsequent process changes we wanted. We plan to expand the use of the GPWF system in the future."

Uroš Gorjanc
"TIK d.o.o. has successfully implemented systems for working with business processes, working with customers, a document management system and a solution for sharing documents. Products are interconnected which makes work easier and better quality. The implementation of the program took place gradually depending on the user's ability to integrate the application into use. The solutions are flexible and allow the user to successfully digitize their process. With digitization we have gained in the transparency of documents, all documents are now available to users that have access to an individual data. We are also very pleased with the speed of document flow and traceability which is extremely important for the production of medical devices and is a great support to the quality system."

Petra Borovinšek
Managing Director
"We were looking for a solution on the market for comprehensive electronic project management which will be very easy to use and will solve electronic archive of documents at the same. With the introduction of the GPWF system we solved all the original requirements as well as the requirement for easy sharing and access to project documentation to external collaborators. The solution is very useful and also enables sharing of documents larger than several Gb which is not common with other providers of file sharing solutions. Access to electronic documentation is now also possible on construction sites, search is fast, there are no more problems with document versioning, notification of changes, projects are transparent, the system really saves us a lot of time and reduces the possibility of human errors."

Danijel Prevolšek
IT Manager
"Company EMO FRITE d.o.o. is in spirit of more up-to-date and more transparent documentation management and has been gradually shifting to paperless operations for some time now. With the GPWF product we have made an extremely big step on our planned path. The GPWF program is fully integrated with our ERP system so the flow of information and document retrieval is faster than it was before the GPWF implementation. The GPDOC document system stores information that various users can access virtually without wasting any time for searching. All upgrades were performed correctly by the system administrator. Gregor's response is quick and he is always ready to listen to ideas and give his expert opinion to achieve the best possible software solution. In time when the relationship between the activities we have to perform and the time we have available to do so is increasingly shifting to the side of activities the GPWF software solution significantly helps us to successfully achieve results."

Petra Blažič
Head of sales department
"At Monting SK we faced major difficulties in the process of liquidating recieved invoices as the invoices were repeatedly lost or stocked and we spent a lot of time and energy finding them. It also took us a long time to find them in the archive. With the GPBPM and GPDOC system we have effectively solved all problems related to the receipt, liquidation and archiving of invoices and integration with our ERP system has also been carried out. Now we know where invoices are all time and with a few clicks we have the entire archive of accounts at our disposal. We can do all this on a remote basis which is also very important. Through the GPBPM system we have also implemented the process of vacation granting with automatic entry of absences in the system for registration of working hours. We are satisfied with the GPBPM and GPDOC products despite the small team of provider developers. Support is adequate and extremely responsive."

Ambrož Salobir
Development, investments
"By using GPWF system we were able to fully automatize processing a large number of documents (incoming invoices, published invoices, signed delivery notes) and business processes. This has divided spend time for accounting by half, reducing storage costs and digitalize our documents at the same time. We are using this solution for several years now and it has proven extremely reliable since there was several million transactions and not a single document or data was ever lost. Our special requirements on system and business processes were implemented by provider fast, with high quality results and reasonable costs. GPWF system was also introduced in our subsidiary company in Croatia, despite the fact that they run business in significantly smaller scale. And also in this case introduction was proven as the most optimal decision, more than worth of investment. I would also like to highlight providers high professional level that has proven again when the integration to our ERP was done fast, without any significant problems and costs."

Irena Majcen
CEO Deputy
Insurance Agency
"Expanding our business in year 2013 lead to decision that we need better information technology support. Our business partner made recommendation on Gregor's company as reliable field expert. After few short meetings we began working together. We required complete custom solution based on CRM system, however integration with existing insurance ERP was mandatory. First results came in few months and I must point out that we had a lots on individual requirements and all of them were properly implemented. Using this solution gave us better view over policies, policy renew events, agents, revenue, provision calculations,... Business operations has become easier on several different areas, most of all now we are able to work with larger portfolio and spend less time to do it. Now we can also spend more time on sales. In this year we plan to introduce additional products from GPWF Product Line. Since our cooperation is excellent we are planning to use this solution in our foreign country subsidiary companies."

(International Insurance Agency)