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Informations published in this site are limited to only basic understanding what this product is about. Our products are interconnectable so they can form larger integrated solution. We would be glad if you are interested in details so please feel free to create request for Live presentation where we can present you all the cool features and other benifits.

What is CRM System
The product is designed to manage customer interactions by improving and simplifying its core processes and increasing the company's profits.

The work is facilitated by people who work directly with clients as well as management staff. It directly helps in finding new customers, planning sales, achieving plans, sales campaigns, evaluating customers, monitoring the competition, ... Working without a CRM system is definitely more expensive than with it.

Our product also offers support for the most complex processes that other providers cannot implement or the costs are too high.
Customer as Basis
Customer search is very user-friendly, as it allows you to search by several different parameters such as keyword, region, activity, customer type and category, ...

On a customer card, you have all the records associated with that customer collected in one place. You can see all the contacts with all the contact information, activity with the client (calls, emails, meetings, ...), opportunities, campaigns in which the client was involved, processes related to this client and more.

Using ACL (Access Control List) you can very precisely manage access and customer rights for an individual user or group.

You can freely set up a control panel with which you have a quick graphical display of the customer's status.
You can also view and plan activities via the calendar. You can enter general activities (business and private) and you can also link them to a client or enter them as tasks.

Adjustable views (daily, weekly, monthly, sliding) and event shifts with the drag-drop option make planning very easy. You can also share your calendar to read or write with your co-workers, making corporate work easier.

The system allows you to turn on the synchronization of your CRM calendar with another calendar, such as Microsoft Exchange and Google Suite. In this case, determine in which direction the synchronization will take place, or it will be bidirectional, and what events will be synchronized.
Through the module you have an overview of the status of all orders in the company and it can also be directly connected to the online store or the company's website.

Each order has a complete audit trail and is already linked to the product, customer, payer and inventory code list, which allows direct invoicing.

The system also enables automated connection to ERP/MES when the order is linked to production this way greatly facilitating management and eliminating the need for additional manual data entry.

Complex orders where, for example, various calculations and approvals are required can take place through digitized business processes.
Project Management
You will no longer need long meetings with your colleagues to review the status of ongoing projects, how much has been done, which projects are late and why ... Here you have an overview of all projects in the company to which you can manage accurate access using ACL (Access Control List).

Planned dates, priority, notes, rates, tasks, documents, costs (possible link to the chart of accounts) and hours spent (whether related to tasks or not) can be entered on the project. Based on this data, the system generates a Gantt chart and graphs with statistical data.

You can take a snapshot of the project at any time, monitor it, and finally review the planning assessment and realization after the snapshots.
Working with Documents
You no longer need to search for documents on the web or your disk, all documents are stored securely where you need them, on a customer card, project or campaign.

Documents in our CRM system are subject of all functionalities offered by pure document management system. You can save documents in any structure, version, link, categorize, index, bind to various business processes, review audit trails, subscribe to changes, approve them, move, restore, share with external users, ...

You can edit access to folders and documents via the ACL (Access Control List), which means that you can specify the security policy over the content very precisely.
In our module you can define questionnaires with multilingual support, any header and any fields you want to measure or capture.

You can enter any number of questions on each page, and you can also link the answers to the selection lists. The questionnaires support complex rules that allow the invitee to be guided by a question based on what was has entered in previous answers.

You can invite individuals to complete the questionnaire or import them via the Excel list or directly from the CRM customer list. All data entered by the invitees are displayed in statistical graphs.

The system allows anonymization of captured data.
The module enables analytical processing and display of data from practically any data source (SQL, DB2, Oracle, Access, Excel, Firebird, ...) in the form of tables and various types of graphs, which eliminates the need to manually prepare various reports.

They typically bind to current real data, meaning that any change is visible immediately. Each control panel has any number of panels to display different data (achievement of sales plans, employee presence, production errors, financial data, calls, order status, news announcements, ...) and a set of rights who can view such a panel.

With basic knowledge of relational databases, you or your system administrator can edit the boards.
Other Modules
As in our other products, we are constantly investing in CRM, so the list of main modules is growing every year.

In addition to the previously mentioned modules, we also offer the following: tasks (independent, related to the project or calendar), opportunities (related to the realization of transactions or sales with a dimension of time and probability), products (basic codes for sales), accounting (issued invoices, opened items, bills, reminders, printouts, import payments, accounts, cost centers, taxes, ...), campaigns, sales expansion, travel orders, planning, administration, users, groups, applications, categorizations, data sources, various data imports, view settings, ...) and much more!
Technical Specification
All components are based on the Microsoft .NET 4.5 Framework technology. The system has SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), which is accessible through WCF services. Microsoft Active Directory and Workgroup integration. This allows our customers to integrate securely and easily into our system.

- 2.3 GHz (x64) processor
- 10 GB disk space
- Working memory 4 Gb

- Windows Server (2008-2022)
- SQL Server (2014-2022)
- Internet Information Services
- Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5