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Company was founded in 2012 by Gregor Primar MCPD in MCTS Microsoft technology specialist with more than 15 years of rich experience in the development, implementation of IT solutions, consulting, design and technical support for medium-sized and large companies. As a promising young company we were honored to be a part of Microsoft BizSpark program. Currently we are also a member of Microsoft Partner Network.

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Gregor Primar s.p.
Novo Polje, cesta XII / 7
1260 Ljubljana - Polje




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GPWF is extensive platform that covers wide range of requirements. Unfortunately we can not post all the details on our web site. Informations posted here are just a small portion, just to give an idea what is all about. Take notice that you can use one or more of our products to cover your needs.

We recommend you to give as a call, send email or fill form bellow and we will give you a free consulting about our products, what and how should be used based on your requirements to get the best results.

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What do Customers say about our Products?
"By using GPWF system we were able to fully automatize processing a large number of documents (incoming invoices, published invoices, signed delivery notes) and business processes. This has divided spend time for accounting by half, reducing storage costs and digitalize our documents at the same time. We are using this solution for several years now and it has proven extremely reliable since there was several million transactions and not a single document or data was ever lost. Our special requirements on system and business processes were implemented by provider fast, with high quality results and reasonable costs. GPWF system was also introduced in our subsidiary company in Croatia, despite the fact that they run business in significantly smaller scale. And also in this case introduction was proven as the most optimal decision, more than worth of investment. I would also like to highlight providers high professional level that has proven again when the integration to our ERP was done fast, without any significant problems and costs."

ADEL d.o.o.
Irena Majcen
(CEO Deputy)

"We started project of handling incoming invoices in digital way with Gregor Primar s.p. company about 2 years ago. The GPWF system is partially integrated with our IS (ERP system) and it's really easy to use. It's totally adjusted to our needs and ready to cover any addition requests in the future. Since we are using this system we have achieved greater business process transparency and shorter response times from involved users. Users can now interact with the processes even from remote locations (field operations) which was prior not possible. Another good thing is providers responsiveness, fast and excellent."

Darja Popovič
(Purchase department)
MSC. Alenka Cokan
(Head of Quality Control, IT and personnel)

How Customers value our Services?
"We use services from Gregor Primar s.p. for several years now and I can confirm high quality services and products. Especially support that is always available. This experience made us decide to expand our cooperation in this year already."

Jasmin Čoralič
(Transport Operations Manager)

"Expanding our business in year 2013 lead to decision that we need better information technology support. Our business partner made recommendation on Gregor's company as reliable field expert. After few short meetings we began working together. We required complete custom solution based on CRM system, however integration with existing insurance ERP was mandatory. First results came in few months and I must point out that we had a lots on individual requirements and all of them were properly implemented. Using this solution gave us better view over policies, policy renew events, agents, revenue, provision calculations,... Business operations has become easier on several different areas, most of all now we are able to work with larger portfolio and spend less time to do it. Now we can also spend more time on sales. In this year we plan to introduce additional products from GPWF Product Line. Since our cooperation is excellent we are planning to use this solution in our foreign country subsidiary companies."

(International Insurance Agency)

Gregor Primar (CEO)
Here are few words from our CEO, founder and Head of Development:

"We came a long way since our start in 2012. If I look back we really put colossal amount of work in this products, but we did it with heart and passion. To deliver only high quality products has payed of for us since we are proud that not single one customer has ever canceled agreement with us and I hope we can keep this score. We are really working hard with every and each customer to ensure maximum satisfaction. This is also the reason why we do not work on aggressive marketing. We are a small company however we can deliver products and services that are as good or better than ones delivered by IT companies what are several times bigger than us. In fact in most cases we deliver superior and less expensive solutions and this can be verified by our customers. I believe we are looking for a very bright future."