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Fast, reliable and secure modern Document Management System

Innovative Solution
GPDOC Document Management System has inovative design and architecture that delivers fast and easy to use experience. We took DMS standards to higher level and we intend to continue in this way.

This system is product of our long term experience with several different DMS systems that could not deliver all high requirements from us and our customers. In most other systems there were performace issues, poor business layer or just too high costs.

We can provide you professional solution for reasonable price without having to take any compromise over the quality.

Working with documents
System covers all base functionalities over the documents that modern DMS should provide such as:
- document system data
- custom index data
- document notes
- versioning/restoring
- document relationship
- access history
- ACL settings
- document WorkFlow
- document encryption
- change management
- external data lookups
- categorization

There are different ways how you can access you securely stored content inside GPDOC. You can use any modern browser or mobile device, Windows Client application, local file system or network share. We also support Microsoft Office (2010-2016) integration for following products Word, Excel, Visio, PowerPoint, Outlook.

This are just a few options that GPDOC provides.

Structuring and Security
User with specific rights can create desired structure that contains Folders and Documents similar to File System. You can also create as many Document Categories (like Invoices, Delivery notes, Contracts,...) as you want and add custom index fields, link external data,...

Access over Folders and Documents is controlled by ACL (Access Control List) and can be applied over specific branch, Document Category or specific document. This allows user to set permissions in very precise manner.

Security standards are set high in this system. Any attempt to access any element data is monitored and revision trace is created.

Data Search
GPDOC supports few different types of data search like searching on system fields, index fields, document content, searching in range, searching over structure and Document Category,...

The most important thing is what any type of search you use results are astonishing fast even on large number of documents. In one of stress tests GPDOC was able to return paged result over document content in 2.4 seconds. Search was conducted over more than 2 million documents. This positions GPDOC in one of the fastest DMS systems on the market.

We have also developed "Snapshot Technology" which allows you to store and manage your source code or project/product documentation. Please contact us for more information since there is a lot to say about this topic.

System Requirements
System is designed on high standards of programming, graphic, architectural design and is optimized for fast response even when working with a large number of documents.

- Processor 2.3 GHz (x64)
- Free disk space 20 Gb
- 8 Gb RAM

- Windows Server (2008-2016)
- SQL Server (2012-2016)
  *Express is also supported
- IIS (6-8)
- Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5

- Latest version of browser
  (Internet Explorer, Chrome, FireFox, Safari)

- Windows (7, 8, 8.1, 10)
- Microsoft Office (2010-2016)