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Handle your Customers on transparent way with Advanced Customer Management System

Working with Customers
Based on experience we have developed CRM system that is user friendly and simplifies customer management operations. When working directly with customer user have all required informations on one place.

If user has appropriate rights it can manage main Customer data such as address, account number, default phone, email, web page,... and also contact persons. All activities that were taken on specific Customer are logged in system and visible.

System also supports relations between Customers, documents and processes linked to specific Customer.

Main Modules
System is packed with different modules, here are some major ones:
- Customers
- Calendar
- Opportunities
- Products
- Orders
- Invoices
- Campaigns
- Project management
- Travel orders
- Dashboards and Scorecards
There is also possibility to include some custom modules that can enhance user experience and cover all requirements.

All modules are accessible over SOA (Service orientated architecture) which means that implementing our CRM to existing ERP is clean and easy task.

Project Management
This area requires special attention since our module is step ahead from specialized software for Project Management. In most of those products management becomes almost impossible or extremely user unfriendly when Tasks become extensively complex.

For simple Tasks our module does not much different from rivals. You can manage project stages, assign Tasks to users, add documents, view Gantt Chart and Project status,... But when complex Task is required we are able to use one of our products to control this complex Task from start to end. More complex the Task is more benifits you get from this solution.

This approach is suitable for more advanced customers. Here are some typical project situations:
- structure building
- creating new product
- sales on new market

Dashboards and Scorecards
Module provides visualization of your data by generating different types of charts. Charts are fully customizable and can be modified by GPCRM System Administrator.

This is very useful for displaying financial data such as:
- total revenue
- costs by department
- incomes by month
- total taxes

Or you can display sales data such as:
- top Customers
- service hours by Customer
- annual sales
- sales by month
- sales by region

You can even display product related data such as:
- top 10 products total
- top 10 products by region
- top 10 products by reclamation
- product stock by month

System Requirements
System is designed on high standards of programming, graphic, architectural design and is optimized for fast response even when working with a large number of Customers.

- Processor 2.3 GHz (x64)
- Free disk space 5 Gb
- 2 Gb RAM

- Windows Server (2008-2016)
- SQL Server (2012-2016)
  *Express is also supported
- IIS (6-8)
- Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5

- Latest version of browser
  (Internet Explorer, Chrome, FireFox, Safari)

- Windows (7, 8, 8.1, 10)