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Line of Information Technology products for customers who demand and understand the importance of High Quality solutions

Products and Services
We can offer you a variety of products for covering different business demands and we do constantly pay extra attention to stay on the leading edge of technology. All products are based on our own extensive technical and practical knowledge using the latest Microsoft technology.

Among the main products with user and technical support listed on this page we also provide some services you can use such as Custom Product/Solution development and IT consulting.

Biggest customer is using our solutions to process almost 15,000 documents and process instances per single day.

Advanced Processing
GPBPM is high performance Process Management System for handling user and no user related processes, previous known as GPWF Advanced BPM.

Typically is used for business process where you need to boost the production, shorten execution time, raise data quality or eliminate any user error... Here are some sample processes:
- invoice approval
- customer support
- credit approval
- reclamation process
- contract approval
- project management
There is no limitation what type of process system can handle.

Document Management
If you are looking for modern and secure document management system that can handle vast number of documents with fast search than we have the product for you.

GPDOC is more than ordinary document system. Beside expected functionalities such as versioning, access control, document relationship, encryption,... it's also capable of managing product documentation with local sync option and searching on document content without previous OCR operation.

Customer Management
System for handling activities on customers has become one of the key IT solutions inside most companies.

We are offering GPCRM Advanced CRM System that covers all required modules for customer management:
- customer card
- calendar
- opportunities
- products
- invoices
- projects
- dashboards and scorecards
The real value of our CRM is in it's capabilities to include custom modules that can cover any user requirements.

Scanning Solution
With GPSCAN Modern Capture Solution you can capture physical documents using scanner or files from disk or network share. Captured documents are automaticly classified and meta data are extracted using OCR (optical character recognition). This approach gives you easy usage and high volume document processing.

Captured data can be exported to several different platforms such as GPBPM, GPDOC, SharePoint, SQL database, file system,... using different export formats. We also provide "Smart Compression" that can significantly reduce exported file size without visible quality reduction and save disk usage.