Custom Development
Product Extensions
Despite the fact that our products cover a very wide range of functionality we offer our customers product extensions when they have specific requirements.

We always make sure that the extensions are made professionally to cover the needs of the customer and at the same time do not undermine basic concept of existing product.
Web Applications
When customer requirements for web applications cannot be covered by existing products we offer the development of web applications and services using Microsoft ASP.NET technology.

Our many years of experience guarantee that the service will be designed and performed professionally.
Windows Solutions
As specialists in Microsoft technologies we also offer the development of solutions for Microsoft Windows workstations and servers.

Most of our products have one or more components developed in this field which gives us invaluable experience in designing and developing reliable and stable solutions.
Mobile Applications
The widespread use of mobile phones opens up opportunities for the development of mobile applications. In most cases we cover very specific requirements from customers who want a very simple experience for the user, but on the other hand do not need a functionally complex solution.
We help you set up a comprehensive strategy for quality business digitization starting with a thorough analysis of your current level of digitization.

We plan the areas, steps and ways of digitization, present the general optimization on your situation and all its advantages.
Digital Architecture
We analyze your current architecture and review connectivity options. We upgrade the situation by planning the introduction of new core digitization products that you are missing and determining points for data exchange in SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) format.
Business Process Development
We first analyze your business processes which are not connected and are carried out mostly using analog way, find critical points, optimize them and automate them as much as possible. These changes lead to reduced user errors, shortened time spent, and increased productivity.
Product Evaluation
When introducing new products we offer professional evaluation by analyzing user interfaces, security policy and especially the business level, which shows the technical quality of the product or the possibility of inclusion in controlled business processes that are crucial for automation.
GPBPM Process Designer
We offer our clients training on our digital business process development tool. We offer a basic course that is suitable for process developers who do not have programming knowledge and primarily want to design process schemes. This knowledge is mostly sufficient for 90% of business process development needs.

For developers who have a basic knowledge of ASP.NET and C # technology, we offer in-depth courses that allow a completely free hand even in the development of the deepest integrations and complex processes.
Microsoft ASP.NET Development
We offer training in ASP.NET technology primarily in the context required for advanced process developers on the GPBPM Process Designer tool.

We present and explain examples of good practice, quality design and the inclusion of external services. This knowledge enables the creation of complex user interfaces that are used in controlled business processes of the GPBPM environment as well as outside it.
Microsoft C# Development
Our GPBPM system is an extremely powerful platform for business process development and back-end integrations which also enables controlled automation of parts where work is performed by a computer. This development and extensions on some other products are done with .NET C # technology.

Because we want our customers to be able to use our products as much as possible we offer courses to developers who do not have enough basic knowledge to acquire this knowledge, which is also useful for developing solutions outside our products.
Performance Testing
GPWF Server Performance
We typically install our products in the environments of our customers who are often on virtual servers. Due to practical needs we have developed a tool for diagnosing server performance which identifies bottlenecks according to technical specifications, reference and real measurement results.
Bottleneck Detection
We measure all parameters that can affect server responsiveness such as CPU responsiveness, disk read, disk write, working memory responsiveness, HTTP(S) Request chain authentication, HTTP(S) Upload and Download, SQL Connection, SQL Data Read, real network speed, ...
Based on the deviating results and conversations about the current configuration, we can reliably tell the customer in which area the problem that is slowing down work or communication with the server lies.

With such data we have already helped clients who previously could not define the cause of poor server responsiveness.
Customer Support
Help for Users
We offer our customers standard assistance every weekday between 8:00 and 16:00. For customers who need immediate assistance in critical processes assistance is also possible by agreement all days of the week and 24 hours a day.
Support Portal
We offer help to registered users through the portal where there is an easy overview of open cases and the possibility of viewing already closed cases.

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